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Porsche Assisted Lifestyle Project “Luxe Eko” Is A Grand Nigerian Dream – Guardian Nigeria

  • October 26, 2021
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Porsche Assisted Lifestyle Project “Luxe Eko” Is A Grand Nigerian Dream – Guardian Nigeria

Luxury German sports car company Porsche in partnership with Nigerian based creatives led by executive producer and male lead Chisom Njoku recently released a premium lifestyle project titled “Luxe Eko”.
According to Njoku, the lifestyle project is geared at showcasing the class and elegance domiciled in Lagos, Nigeria through contemporary African fashion, photography, and the tastefully made art film.
Luxe Eko. Photo: Ayo Phillips
Speaking exclusively to The Guardian Life, he says;
“This project intends to challenge stereotypes that paint a picture of poverty and disorganisation that people have unfortunately affiliated with Africa. The aim of this project is to ultimately contribute towards changing the narrative and reimagining Lagos through the eyes of real Lagosians.”
This is Chisom Njoku’s second major project focusing on highlighting Lagos’ eccentric high-end scene. His first project “Parisian Vibes in Lagos” released in 2018 was a breath of fresh air but “Luxe Eko” is in a league of its own from strategic partnerships, planning and obvious flawless execution.
Luxe Eko. Photo: Ayo Phillips
The art film highlights luxury as well as a variety of authentic African art as it was partly shot in the
biggest art gallery in West Africa, Nike Art Gallery.
This partnership could also be heralding a new wave of international collaborations between world-class brands and African creatives, only time would tell.
Watch “Luxe Eko” via the link below:
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