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'Force, injustice cannot unite Nigeria' – Punch Newspapers

  • October 28, 2021
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'Force, injustice cannot unite Nigeria' – Punch Newspapers

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The new President of the late Frederick Fasehun faction of the Oodua People’s Congress, Wasiu Afolabi, has urged the Federal Government to desist from using force to keep Nigeria united.
Afolabi, who spoke during the inauguration of the OPC’s newly elected executive officers in Lagos, said such would only result in more agitation for separation of the country, adding that Nigeria must return to true federalism.
He said, “You cannot keep together a nation as complex and diverse as Nigeria with fear, force and injustice. You will only succeed in having the peace of the graveyard. The Nigerian government must start building a united nation through justice and equity to all the segments and nationalities. The calls to break up Nigeria will not stop until all the nationality groups have a sense of belonging.
“This country’s independence was based on true federalism. Nigeria must return to that original master plan. OPC supports restructuring. If the Nigerian government continues to ignore the cry for restructuring, it will only result in more agitations for everybody to go their separate ways.”

The OPC leader, who warned personalities fuelling killings in all parts of the country to desist from such act, urged security agencies to maintain justice in the discharge of their duties.
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