May 28, 2022

Linda Osifo: I have no regrets returning to Nigeria – P.M. News

  • October 28, 2021
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Linda Osifo: I have no regrets returning to Nigeria – P.M. News

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Linda Osifo
27th October, 2021
Nollywood actress Linda Osifo said she has no regrets relocating from Canada back to Nigeria, looking at how she has been able to build herself and her career.
The actress who studied Psychology from York University in Toronto relocated to Nigeria in 2013.

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She got her first major television break on a series, Desperate Housewives Africa in 2015.
In a recent interview, Linda spoke about her foray into Nigerian entertainment and her experience since returning.
According to her, there’s nothing like regrets in her life as she has better understanding of what motivates and inspires her to make certain decisions.
Hence there’s no way she would regret any of that especially moving from Canada where she could do better to Nigeria.

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“I have no regrets. At the level that I am now, I do not use such words like regret. I have a better understanding of what motivates me and what inspires me to make certain decisions.
“I relocated to Nigeria in 2013. I made my final decision to stay through thick and thin in 2015. That was when I got my first major television break on a series, Desperate Housewives Africa.
“When I got my first official break, I was seen as an actor, which was an amazing feat to me. That was when I thought that I had a reason to keep pressing and keep going,” she added.

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Speaking about her reason for returning to the country, Linda said “I was at a very sensitive point in my life when I left Canada for Nigeria.

“It was that stage of becoming a young adult. I had to pursue life. No more living on mom and dad. It was a stage where you go into the world to find out who you truly are. I had just graduated from the university and I was 22 years-old.
“I had to ask myself questions to know what I really wanted to do. I had to make my own decisions at that point. My parents could not help me. I had to search deep within me to know what I really loved to do. I had to search for the things that came effortlessly and gave me utmost joy.

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“In relation to entertainment, it was not acting alone because I was engaged in everything as a young child. I have participated in a beauty pageant, hosted an awards show and hosted a television show in Toronto, Canada.
“I have also gained some experience from my first movie set in New Jersey, USA. I have all those highlights and of course, growing up in church, I was involved in the drama department. I was living my life.
The humanitarian and founder of The Love And Oneness Foundation further said she was engaged in some community work before returning to the country as well.
“You know, those kinds of stuff. It is those kinds of community work that truly define who you really are. I just had to choose when I got the opportunity to come to Lagos to host a show. I decided to take the opportunity and see what it brings,” she said.
Linda Osifo is one of the top female actresses in the Nigerian movie industry with a lot of films to her credit.
She was first runner-up Miss Nigeria Entertainment Canada 2011 and 2nd runner-up Miss AfriCanada 2011 beauty pageant.

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