July 5, 2022

'Nnamdi Kanu Ipob leader': Nigeria Biafra separatist arrest update from Lai Mohammed – BBC News

  • October 30, 2021
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'Nnamdi Kanu Ipob leader': Nigeria Biafra separatist arrest update from Lai Mohammed – BBC News

Wia dis foto come from, Reuters
Ipob leader Nnamdi Kanu dey spend im fifth day for detention in Nigeria afta im arrest.
For any pesin wey dey ask [Has Nnamdi Kanu been released?], No na di ansa!
Latest tori be say Nigeria bin monitor di Biafra separatist for more that two years before dem finally arrest and return am.
Information Lai Mohammed reveal dis on Thursday for Lagos, Nigeria commercial capital.
Di Minister say Kanu bin dey live big man lifestyle as im dey travel go different kontris inside private jet before im arrest.
Oga Mohammed say federal goment don dey monitor Nnamdi Kanu movement for some years wia dem discover say:
"Di proscribed IPOB leader dey live five-star life across several kontris, travelling on chartered private jets.
"Living in luxury apartments and turning out in designing clothes and shoes.
Lai Mohammed, Nigeria Minister of Information and Culture tok on behalf of di federal goment.
Mohammed address press conference for Nigeria commercial capital.
"Of course, as we all saw, im dey wear designer wey Fendi make, dat na luxury Italian fashion brand, wen we arrest am."
But di minister no mention wia security forces arrest di Ipob leader
Im confirm say Kanu currently dey detention for DSS facility.
Wia dis foto come from, Presidency
Ipob Leader Nnamdi Kanu
Investigation don expose all di pipo wey dey behind Biafra separatist and goment go arrest dem. Lai Mohammed tok.
Meanwhile security pipo wey arrest Nnamdi Kanu collect hailing as "one of di most classic operations of its type for di world."
Nigerian goment add say federal goment don carry out forensic investigation wey reveal di pipo wey dey collaborate wit di Ipob leader.
Lai Mohammaed say hand go touch all di pipo wey dey fund or collaborate for Ipob activities wey goment don ban.
"We don carry out forensic investigation so far wey don reveal plenty information on di proscribed IPOB leader and im collaborators.
"While di investigation dey continue, we assure una say none of di collaborators, irrespective of dia standing for di society, go escape.
"All of dem go face di full wrath of di law for dia activities wey challenge our nation sovereignty and threaten di unity.
"No one, no matter how highly placed, dey bigger dan di kontri," D Nigerian Information Minister tok.
Ifeanyi Ejiofor, di lawyer to Nnamdi Kanu say im go obtain court order to mandate [DSS] Nigeria secret police to allow am see di Ipob leader.
Di lawyer say im bin don write application to di DSS to allow am see im client but dem never answer im request.
Ejiofor also say im client bin dey take drugs for many sickness and need attention.
And dat if di DSS no allow am access till di end of today [Thursday] im go court go apply for order. Di lawyer conclude.
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