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Why the Nigerian youth should stop traveling abroad by Victory Akpomedaye – Vanguard

  • October 30, 2021
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Why the Nigerian youth should stop traveling abroad by Victory Akpomedaye – Vanguard

The rate at which the Nigerian youth travels abroad is unbearably alarming. I am never against searching for greener pastures or exploring the world but certain questions need to be asked before embarking on a journey.
I have seen people make generational mistakes in the search of greener pastures and have had to come back home to square one.
I once saw on the television and was moved to tears a Libya returnee. Libya, being a war-torn area for years indicated that foreign nationals were being evacuated by their countries. This young man, a welder told to the journalists how he had a promising future in his field but he was frustrated because of the lack of constant electricity. He couldn’t afford to get a diesel generator and whilst being enmeshed in the uncertainty of his future as a welder, an opportunity to travel abroad came in. This young man was determined to leave Nigeria at all costs and found himself in Libya. Apparently, he traveled through the desert and found life a living hell over there. He has been repatriated back home and I remember praying for him to have the courage to start life afresh.
This is what some young Nigerians go through abroad. Despite the United Nation’s efforts, human trafficking keeps being on the rise. A whole lot of Nigerians keep living illegally in their host countries and they would do everything immoral and illegal not to come back home. It’s even funny to see that people who would never sweep their room for a week go abroad to sweep an entire street. Anything for the dollar they would say. I am a fan of hard work and would support any legitimate means of making ends meet but I think these Nigerians never liked their jobs but only need to put up to it because home is never an option.
One does not even need to argue about or overemphasize the failure on the government’s part to create the enabling environment for the youth to thrive. The government’s unconscious incompetence to create a safe haven for the masses is the sole reason for the brain drain we have in critical sectors like health, technology, media et al. Mouth-watering job opportunities, encapsulated in mental satisfaction awash the social media space daily and a sane mind would go for it. Beyond these opportunities is a justifiable and tenable reason; a feeling that one is valued and is critically essential to societal growth. And when the Generation Z feels they are at liberty to choose the life they want, they go for it with all their strength. The grass is sometimes greener at the other end and at times, it’s not. That isn’t the discussion today. The crux of the matter here is that young Nigerians should stay back home to fix the socio-economic mess we are in.
With our critical sectors that are meant to be manned by young and vibrant hands in shambles, Nigeria needs all and sundry within the youth age bracket now like never before, and even though the times are precarious, there is always light at the end of the tunnel they say. We have a youthful population. Records have it that over seventy percent our two hundred million are under the age of 35. This is indicative that the future we seek is ours to build, and the glory ours to lose. The collective destiny of the Nigerian state is right on the shoulder of its youth and we have to roll our sleeves to work really hard. I have seen some foreign nationals still hanging in here despite our internal challenges, most notably the Chinese. What are these things they are seeing but not visible to us? No matter how any foreigner tells me they love Nigeria, I tell myself  the truth; No one will ever love Nigeria like us and no ever should ever be allowed to build the Nation of our dreams for us.
We are more than capable.



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