November 27, 2022

Heartbroken Man Shares What He Found After He Went Through His Girlfriend Phone |PHOTOS – Naija News

  • November 1, 2021
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Heartbroken Man Shares What He Found After He Went Through His Girlfriend Phone |PHOTOS – Naija News

In a series of threads on Twitter, Mide shared photos of his girlfriend conversations with a fast-rising Nigerian singer and how she had shared her nudes with him.
According to Mide, they spent 8 months on the talking stage, recalling the gifts he bought for her including an iPhone 12.
Mide said when he confronted her about the photos and conversations he saw on her phone, she didn’t deny it as she started to plead that he forgave her.
Mide vowed to collect every gift he bought for her including the expensive iPhone 12 Pro.
Sharing the photos, he wrote;
”Women will disgrace you! I went through my girl’s phone last week while she was having her bath, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter. Things I saw shocked me. Spent 8month doing a talking stage with this girl, bought an iPhone 12 PRo Max and different gifts before she gree.”

This chat was the most painful but we move

Going forward I decided to confront her last night about her shenanigans and she didn’t deny which led to our break-up.

”@Ginika_a I’m at your house this morning got here as early as 7 am to collect my phone, I am still here, they said you’re not around, please Ginika I take God to beg you, that phone is barely 3 weeks old, i can still sell it and get my money back make I no lose both ways”

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