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United African Republic Nigeria: How 'Nigeria change of name to UAR' or "United Alkebulan Republic" go be? – BBC News

  • November 1, 2021
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United African Republic Nigeria: How 'Nigeria change of name to UAR' or "United Alkebulan Republic" go be? – BBC News

Wia dis foto come from, Presidency
"United African Republic" or 'United Alkebulan Republic' [UAR] na di name one citizen suggest to replace "Nigeria" current name. So wetin dey inside a kontri name change?
Name change no be somethin new to an individual, organization or kontri. And at least 21 already-independent African nations don change dia name.
In dis case, na one tax consultant, Adeleye Jokotoye wey suggest change of Nigeria name for proposal im submit to di House of Representatives Special Committee on Constitution Review.
Nigeria goment say president Muhammadu Buhari no get hand at all for dis proposal wey suggest change of di kontri name to United African Republic [UAR].
Explaining why e chose United African Republic, Jokotoye say Nigeria dey made up up of hundreds of ethnic groups wey need to dey united.
For Nigeria, di only institution wey fit exercise di legal process to change di name of di west African kontri, na di National Assembly wey be di central parliament of di west African kontri.
"So if di bill for a change of name appear for national asembly, e go pass through parliamentary stages of a bill", na wetin lawyer Sogbeye Eli tok.
E go pass first reading, second reading, public hearings go follow, and then lawmakers go gada for third and final reading and passage into law. Eli add.
Already, Nigeria national assembly joint Committee on di Review of di 1999 Constitution bin announce give Nigeria citizens say dem wan do Public Hearings on di Review of the 1999 Constitution across di (6) geopolitical zones of di kontri.
Na for South West region [Lagos Central] Public Hearing for Ikeja, Lagos on di 1st and 2nd of June, 2021 and for dia report dem confam say di tax consultant submit di proposal.
"At di point of public hearings, Nigerians go make dia inputs alias submit suggestions, as e dey happun now wit di 1999 constitution review process."
"And if many massive national position for di public hearing na for a name, then di National Assembly go enact a law to change di kontri name." Di lawyer add.
Wia dis foto come from, Presidency
Changing a kontri name belike repainting a car to anoda colour wit di same old engine.
Change of name no go make any remarkable changes, except for a new passport, may be new flag, new moni alias currency and new outlook.
"Wetin we need na character change not name change, we need pipo wey go dey loyal and selfless to di dreams of di founding fathers of Nigeria"
" How many kontris wey change of name epp?" Sogbeye Eli ask.
Di lawyer conclude say na stronger geographical regions and weaker central goment be di solution to Nigeria current situation.
Wia dis foto come from, AFP
Since wey di proposal land a change of Nigeria name to "United African Republic" or 'United Alkebulan Republic', di mata turn bi conversation for Nigeria.
As di news of di change of name reach di ear of Nigerians, dem no waste time to begin react through social media.
Politicians, celebs and oda Nigerians dey among who don react to di news of di proposal.
Personal Assistant on New Media to di President, Bashir Ahmad tok say Nigeria goment, particularly president Buhari no get hand at all for dis proposal
"No be di Nigerian goment, particularly, President Buhari submit di change of name proposal, na individual or group submit am."
"But already plenti pipo don carry di mata for dia head, dey accuse di President of something wey e no get hand inside."
Wia dis foto come from, Twitter
Former senator wey represent Kaduna Central for di eight national assembly, Shehu Sani say if dem must change di name of Nigeria, make dem change am to 'The Republic of SONGHAI.'
"UAR na Man U fans idea…if you keep pronouncing dat UAR, your mouth go dey longer than di present length."
Wia dis foto come from, Twitter
But as Oga Sani dey drop e suggestion odas like Gossy Ukanwoke for social media get im own suggest of di name wey e think say go good.
Wia dis foto come from, Twitter
Nigeria musician Naira Marley volunteer say im go sing di new national anthem afta e her di news of di proposal to change Nigeria name to the United African Republic (UAR).
Wia dis foto come from, Twitter
Meanwhile as Naira Marley dey volunteer, Nigeria musician Timi Dakolo dey lament about wetin e go do with im 'Great nation' song wey e sing for Nigeria
Wia dis foto come from, Twitter
Here na also oda reactions from Nigerians.
Wia dis foto come from, Odas
Wia dis foto come from, Odas
Wia dis foto come from, Odas
Wia dis foto come from, Odas
Wia dis foto come from, Odas
Wia dis foto come from, Odas
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