October 2, 2022

Edease Nigeria proffers solution to youth employment at National Youth Conference – Guardian

  • November 4, 2021
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Edease Nigeria proffers solution to youth employment at National Youth Conference – Guardian

Edease Nigeria, a thought leader in EdTech launches a new Nigerian service at the National Youth Conference to help solve youth unemployment in Nigeria.
Edease, a global technology company working together with leading Nigerian entrepreneurs and businesses, has enhanced and tailored its world class EdTech service for Nigeria. Edease will enable young Nigerians to identify their route to employment and maximise their potential.
The technology takes users through a series of questions where the answers are scientifically analysed against 40 years worth of psychological predisposition modelling to enable a user to best understand not only themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, but what type of career will best suit their natural psychological DNA.
Obi Asika, a respected Nigerian entrepreneur, determined to see the youth of Nigeria drive the country forward, has actively been working with Edease since 2019 to develop the right service for Nigeria.
Obi Asika, founder, Edease Nigeria, “Today is the first step in an exciting journey for Edease and Nigeria, building upon decades of academic research Edease is the right tool to enable young Nigerians to better understand their strengths, prepare them for employment and support them with the knowledge they need to succeed.”
Edease, is already supporting global companies to optimise their recruitment campaigns, providing them access to highly motivated, targeted, prepared candidates to maximise their returns on recruitment expenditure and ensure retention. Edease Nigeria is actively engaging with key Nigerian employers and recruitment companies who wish to positively transform their recruitment strategy. Nigerian companies can engage at info@edease-ng.com.
Andrew Clements, CEO, Edease, “We are excited to launch at the National Youth Conference and look forward to partnering with the Federal and State Government and the Private Sector to bring our services to millions of Nigerians. Edease will have a huge impact on young people, helping to find and secure the right job for them, whilst providing employers with a talent pool which will deliver bottom line growth”.
Obi Asika, “Edease stands ready to support the Government and people of Nigeria achieve their dreams. Edease will become the key platform for all in Nigeria who seek better employment opportunities and Nigerian businesses looking for the next generation of talent.
To join us on the first step of our shared pathway to success enrol on the website.”
You can find more about Edease Nigeria and the GPI by visiting www.edease-ng.com.

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