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Diezani’s gold and diamond bras auction: Questions Nigerians are asking – Vanguard

  • November 6, 2021
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Diezani’s gold and diamond bras auction: Questions Nigerians are asking – Vanguard

For many Nigerians, the federal government of Nigeria joined the league of super entertainers when it announced its readiness to auction undergarments belonging to the embattled ex-petroleum minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke.
Rather than the usual condemnations that trail any information regarding looting of national treasury, the plans by FG to auction personal effects of Madueke became a subject of ridicule especially against the supposed looter’s, accusers. This is a big surprise.
To think that a government cumbered with loads of daunting troubles shaking the very fabric of her country’s existence, would have time to start selling bras and pants sounds ridiculous and so, a big joke to many.
From reactions from Nigerians both off and on social media, one can deduct that the masses have mastered the antics of government.
Many believe FG is trying to use such announcement as distraction mechanism as they’ve discovered that whenever government feels people are becoming weary of their monumental failure, it digs up one trivial case which it ends up abandoning half way.
“Never forget, Dieziani always comes up anytime the FG wants to distract us from something”, @9thBrother said.
According to government, the former Petroleum Minister’s property located in Banana Island Foreshore Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, which include 18 flats and six penthouses located at Building 3, Block B, Bella Vista, Plot 1, Zone N, Federal Government Layout, are up for auction.
Other recovered items listed are 125 pieces of wedding gowns, 13 pieces of small gowns, 41 pieces of waist trainers, 73 pieces of hard flower, 11 pieces of suit, 11 pieces of invisible bra, 73 pieces of veils, 30 pieces of braziers, two pieces of standing fan, 17 pieces of magic skits, six packets of blankets, one table blanket and 64 pairs of shoes.
One of the bras, called Heavenly Stars made by Victoria Secrets in 2001 is said to be one of the most expensive bras in the world with 1,200 pink Sapphires and diamond at the centre of the bra; its going for $12.5m.
It’s possible for anyone to easily conclude that the clothing items for auction aren’t used but seized from Diezani’s boutique. Otherwise how could an individual own 30 bras and 64 pairs of shoes.
Come to think of it, even if she were to own them bearing in mind her calibre, what would she be doing with 125 wedding gowns? Anonymous on social media shares same thought, “It’s probably from one of the boutiques owned by her. Not that it’s her personal pants and bra”.
Some people believe FG was out to ridicule the ex-minister by including her underwear in the list, as well as earn sympathy of the people but ended up shooting itself in the foot.
“This is very sexist! In all the times men have been embezzling from Nigeria, the government has never put their underwear up for sale.
“As a woman, I find this so humiliating! By all means seize her assets, that is punishment enough”, @ Datsme wrote. It has turned a gender issue.
Unlike Datsme, someone named Concerned believes its all allegation against Diezani. “I believe it’s a lie. What is she doing with 125 wedding dresses? Let them prove it”.
A case as critical as alleged corruption has been turned into comedy because its handlers failed to be smart enough.
“Including bras in the list has turned this serious matter into a joke”, JDK, cries out.  But then, why does any woman need a whopping $12.5m (N5.1b) bra? Be it part of Diezani’s personal effects or collection in a boutique, this is the height of vanity.
“It is also the height of wickedness knowing the country she served as Petroleum minister houses the poorest people in the whole world according to international ranking.
“More so, the over13 million out-of-school children can get basic education with that amount. The $12.5m worth of one of the bras can as well build a world class hospital in one of the rural areas in need of it.
“The last time we heard about such amassing of vain wealth was in 1986 when Philippine government began appraising collection of jewellery that included single diamond worth $5m from the country’s former first lady, Imelda Marcos.
“The jewelleries were seized three decades earlier when her husband, Ferdinand Marcos, Philippine’s dictator was in power. If Diezani’s case is real, then she has broken a record.
But again, a lot of things don’t really add up. Why are the bras different from the brassieres? Perhaps, FG needs to throw more light on this. “Ok there’s bras and there’s brassiere.. animal government”, Anonymous wrote.
“I have never been this ashamed to be called a Nigerian” a friend, who does not see the bra auction as a joke, wrote on a WhatsApp platform.
Anonymous who is obviously having a good time with the FG planned auction, wrote; “How can you auction her bra without adding pant ? Be like say dem don already use the pant for money ritual!”
“What of pants and shimi? Idiots”, Lady Vee wrote, adding “Bra must go with pant naa. Don’t be doing half sales for us biko”
Another Anonymous on yet on a different platform wrote “Lol. Those bras must be top notch, I wonder if the bress (Breast) will remain the same after wearing them”.
 People would gladly want to know which of the 613 valuers  that will eventually buy these ‘bras and braziers’.
And for Anonymous again, the “Annoying thing is that it’s still those who have money and power that will buy the proceeds. The common man has no interest or gain on this whatsoever. It’s the rich getting richer for me. Nonsense”.
“I concur. They have to add the matching pants so that the value can increase. This most probably has to be Victoria Secret or other good designer.
“So what happens to the used bras? Will it be sold as tokunboh or Belgium. I’m just asking for my friends, I meant female friends”, Anonymous gets a reply. “thief stole, thief seized, thief auction, thief buy. All na scam. Convert building to public offices instead of high rent paid by government”, GoldenD, states
“Very right! Thieves all involved in the process, cycle of stolen national wealth in deed”, GoldenD gets a reply.
Lastborn who frowned at the method government is adopting to recover the alleged loot, wrote, “On this planet, someone is accused of a crime and can’t be arrested and we think the best way is to confiscate his/her personal properties.
“We talk about justice always but selling her properties without persecuting her in accordance with the law and the punishment to the said act is useless”.
“See properties! bra and braziers are also among properties to be sold or auctioned? nah wah ooo” olajuyin akintayo wrote.
Solomon agene seems to share Lastborn’s position.”You seized her properties and that’s the end of the case abi? This government is a big joke, it means she’s bigger than the government.
“This is why Nigeria will never have peace and the whole world is watching and laughing at Educated illiterate!! Someone has not been arrested and even tried in court to be found guilty before selling off his property?
“And we the fools are all supporting this move? Again why not turn it into government offices for now or hospital for now? Who will buy these properties?; Same criminal government officials because no reasonable person that worked hard for his money will buy such igbese property.
“What if you buy this property and she sues the government to the international criminal court and wins the case , do you think you will get your money back from government?
“I’m not in support of Diezani but it’s good to follow the rule of law and that is why Nigeria is an animal kingdom and people are suffering”. Someone is truly thinking!
Blessed, thinks it’s dangerous to purchase the items because “When PDP takes over the APC will be tormented again it’s just a recycling”.”Stupid people… whoever buys those properties should pray that another president who favours her don’t come back to power cos na so U go wail rivers of tears and trust Nigerians, dem go show you pepper. Mad country…”,
Anonymous commented on a traditional media platform, while @AJOrhewere added: “A govt that stands idly by while corruption festers is complicit in the crime.
“The real fight against corruption in public service by the Nigerian govt is the “chase” that happens after the crime itself. Whatever happens after that could be negotiated!”
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