October 4, 2022

Digital creatives in Nigeria, others'll bring more users online – Meta – Punch Newspapers

  • November 8, 2021
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Digital creatives in Nigeria, others'll bring more users online – Meta – Punch Newspapers

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Meta, formerly Facebook, says digital creatives in Nigeria and other African countries hold the key to reaching the next one billion people that are coming online.
A Meta spokesperson disclosed this to our correspondent in an emailed interview.
The spokesperson said, “Africa is important to us at Meta. We are committed to building technologies that help people across the continent connect with friends and family, find communities, and grow businesses.
“Africa’s emerging digital creatives represent a powerfully diverse pool of talent—one that holds the key to reaching the next billion people who are coming online.”

He added, “With emerging markets like Africa, there is huge talent, nowhere is it more exciting to witness the creative and tech space—solutions created for global problems and challenges, whilst developing pioneering products and services suited to everyday needs.”
According to Meta, technology is giving more people new opportunities to become entrepreneurs and content creators, and the metaverse has a big role to play here.
When asked what the name change meant to its Nigerian users, the company said, “We are changing the name of our corporate brand from Facebook to Meta.

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“The Facebook app is still going to be called Facebook and the name Meta is a clear link with our vision for the metaverse.  Our corporate structure is not changing. This is a natural evolution for our company as social media and technology evolves.”
According to the spokesperson, the company’s existing products are going to form a crucial part of the future metaverse ecosystem.
The spokesperson added that Meta reflects the future the company is building and it captures the company’ commitment to building social technologies that will stretch the limits of digital connection.
Recently, Facebook disclosed that it was working on new connectivity technologies that would bring the next billion people online.
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