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Firm, association partner on healthcare solution in Nigeria – Punch Newspapers

  • November 8, 2021
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Firm, association partner on healthcare solution in Nigeria – Punch Newspapers

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A digital-driven health care solution firm, MyCare Assistant has partnered with the American Caregiver Association to provide quality health care solutions in Nigeria.
The partnership, according to a statement on Sunday, would position the firm to provide technology-driven and bespoke health care solutions to Nigerians by connecting patients to a network of expert caregivers via the MyCare app.
The Chief Executive Officer of MyCare Assistant, Abiola Ayilara, in the statement, said, “At MyCare Assistant, we believe that reliable and evidence-based health care begins with quality staff and client care journey and that is why we partnered with a foremost reputable care organisation with over 40 years professional experience in superior caregiving.
“The affiliation with American Caregiver Association further enables us to provide a well-rounded learning experience with ACA modules for our local context whilst maintaining international standards. The aim is to equip caregivers with the right knowledge, attitude, and professional qualities in the care of patients. In addition, clients are assured that care assistants are certified to carry out their duties based on international standards.”

She added that the partnership was on the back of a series of high-impact tests, processes, and procedures that places the firm on a higher and reputable pedestal to further provide superior health care solutions that aligned with global best practices.

“The American Caregiver Association’s primary role is to educate and certify caregivers for a diverse portfolio, such as work and family caregiving.
“My Care Assistant creates high-quality solutions that speak directly to customers by providing an evidence-based quality care assistant to individuals, hospitals and organisations,” Ayilara said.

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