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Buhari’s Visit: Why we are building diverse cooperations with Nigeria – Macron – Vanguard

  • November 11, 2021
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Buhari’s Visit: Why we are building diverse cooperations with Nigeria – Macron – Vanguard

France President, Emmanuel Macron, says Nigeria is a  powerhouse in  Africa and that informs why his country is building tight and diverse cooperation with Africa’s most populous nation.
Macron stated this on Wednesday in Paris at the Nigeria international Partnership Forum (NIPF), a high-level event on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum.
Reports have it that the one-day event was attended by President Muhammadu Buhari, ministers and business moguls from Nigeria and France.
NAN also reports that the event was organised to bring together the Nigerian and French governments including private sectors in wide-ranging discussions focused on security, regional stability, trade and industrialisation.
The event is also to attract investment to Nigeria, bridge existing infrastructure gaps, spotlight Nigeria’s immense trade and investment opportunities and reset false and distorted narratives about the country.
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Macron who was represented by French Minister of Foreign Trade and Economy, Mr Franck Reister, said his country and  Nigeria shared many strategic interests.
“France may seem a distant partner for Nigeria, even when it is surrounded by French-speaking countries with whom  France shares a long history and where our companies have a strong foothold.
“However, the reality is actually quite different: because France mainly,   is   Nigeria’s second financial bilateral partner after   China, with around   3   Billion Euros of loans to the federal government.
“Nigeria is also our first trading partner on the continent and a very strategic one in the oil and gas sector since more than 10 per cent of our gas supply comes directly from Nigeria.
“More than   100   French companies are present in Nigeria whereas almost  20 per cent of   French  Foreign direct investment in sub-Saharan Africa are directed to Nigeria,” he said.
“In 2019, the stock in Nigeria reached the very impressive amount of 9.7 Billion Euros and would like to stress that we have longstanding and intense cultural, academic and scientific relations,” he said.
He went further than, “Our cultural and   cooperation   network   in   Nigeria   is   quite   unique,   with   11cultural centres throughout the country, all dedicated to promoting the   ties   between   our   two   societies.”
Macron described France also as a   great supporter of the vibrant cultural creativity of the Nigerian people,  as witnessed for instance, during the recent Africa 2020 season.
He noted that his country was committed to  the stability of the Sahel region and the safety of maritime trade routes of the Gulf of Guinea
Macron recalled that a week before now, the   Nigerian   Navy participated in the exercise Grand African Nemo, organised by the  French   Navy. 
He said the successful operation underscored the great cooperation potential between both navies.
Macron, however, noted that in spite of these remarkable facts and figures, the trade relations between both countries had remained below their true potential.
“I  believe that we have much to build together to give bilateral trade a new impetus.
‘Nigerian people’s entrepreneurial spirit is also well known, and certainly the most dynamic among their peers in Africa.
“Of course,   challenges remain on multiple fronts,   and I commend the  Nigerian government for tackling those topics head-on,” he said.
Macron said that more than 100  French businesses in Nigeria had created more than 10,000 jobs in  Nigeria and were supporting the local communities where they were based,
” French entrepreneurs are constantly setting foot in Nigeria to invest in a wide range of sectors, from energy to digital, from agriculture to environment.
” It is not always easy but their commitment bears fruits. And I encourage all French companies to present today to follow in their footsteps and get inspired by their example,” he said.
Macron assured that both French authorities and companies were committed to supporting the ambition of turning Nigeria into a strong industrial country, less dependent on oil and gas and imports.
He said the committee informed why the   French   Agency for   Development had invested,   over the last   10   years,   in multiple sectors such as infrastructure, transports, energy, creative industries and sports.
“And this is also why the French Treasury has decided to allocate to   your government  a   loan of more   than 50 million Euro which will be the first for the Treasury since 1990 and the first-ever French loan in the healthcare sector in Nigeria,” he said
The president assured that the France-Nigeria Business Council would be a catalyst to cementing cooperation and investments.
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