September 29, 2022

Nigerians get app for file-sharing without mobile data – Guardian Nigeria

  • November 12, 2021
  • 2 min read
Nigerians get app for file-sharing without mobile data – Guardian Nigeria

A new application that will enable Nigerians to transfer files efficiently and fast, without mobile data, has been unveiled.
The new app, SHAREit Lite, aims to ease the process of near distance peer-to-peer file transfer for Nigerian users.
A study by Data Reportal showed that 92.4 per cent of the total Internet users in Nigeria are from smartphones. This number is forecasted to grow beyond 140 million by 2025, demonstrating the importance of the continued growth of mobile Internet connectivity in the country.

As the digital inter-connectivity of people increases, there is a corresponding uptick in the rate that files such as images; videos, music, movies, comedy shows, and other entertainment content are shared. Conversely, Africa has relatively limited network infrastructure to meet the growing file transfer needs of users despite that digital content transmission plays a vital part in emerging markets.
But to bridge this identifying gap, SHAREit Lite is laced with features that afford users file transfer flexibility and high-speed transmission as well as cross-platform transfer across Android, iOS and Web devices. All file types are speedily shared on the app.
SHAREit Lite is enabling a much lighter file-transmission route for users by condensing its numerous features into an APK-Lite app to maximise the running efficiency, speedy file transfer and ultimately save time.
SHAREit Lite’s condensed solution will take away the pain point of lengthy file-sharing times, enabling high file transfer speed with a smaller easy-to-use app which people can easily download.
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