August 14, 2022
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No Christian leader can play politics and remain clean, says cleric – Punch Newspapers

  • November 12, 2021
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No Christian leader can play politics and remain clean, says cleric – Punch Newspapers

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Rev. Sam Oye
The Founder and Lead Pastor of The Transforming Church, Rev. Sam Oye, on Wednesday said that many Christians in Nigeria underestimate the nature of Nigerian politics.
According to him, the complete lack of unity among the Christian community in Nigeria, specifically the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria may frustrate efforts to put up a common front at the 2023 elections.
“We underestimate the nature of Nigerian politics. An average Christian leader cannot play politics the way it’s being played now and remain clean. Nigerian politics is really complicated,” Oye said.
Oye, who is on the verge of establishing a leadership institute in Abuja told Journalists that some Christian leaders cannot be exonerated from the deterioration of the Nigerian nation state.

He said, “The challenge of the Nigerian church is that we are polarised, so we cannot be united between now and 2023 elections. The church cannot be united before 2023.
“We are factionalized, we don’t have a united front, the church is too polarized to put up a common front in 2023 elections. The polarisation of the church is a great threat.”

Oye maintained that because of the non-committal posturing of Christians in politics, many aged politicians assumed that there were no longer competent leaders in Nigeria outside their circle.

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“There’s an assumption by those who have been ruling Nigeria for years; there’s a subjective assumption that there are no more competent leaders outside of them to handle the nation state called Nigeria, as a result of which, they must keep midwifing themselves maybe till they die”, he said.
The cleric however said it was “critical that those who aspire for leadership must first develop leadership competence and leadership consciousness”, before hoping to climb to the top.
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