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Chiekezie hits Nigerian fashion industry with Franklin brand – Vanguard

  • November 13, 2021
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Chiekezie hits Nigerian fashion industry with Franklin brand – Vanguard

Globally, the fashion industry is worth $1trillion dollars. Imagine if we could tap into one per-cent of that figure.
And with adequate investment, skills training and favourable government policies, the Nigerian Fashion Industry can significantly add to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), says a young fashion designer, Franklin Grandeur.
He said that for the fashion  industry, “my expectation is really for fashion designers and other members to add to the value chain to be given a seat at the table of Nigeria’s economic future.”
A young Promising Nigeria an Entrepreneur and also a humanitarian, Franklin Chiekezie Chiemelu is the founder of GrandeurFranklin International Limited, a fast rising and promising fashion brand in Nigeria.
In his recent interview, he stated that his company  GrandeurFranklin International will help in developing the fashion Industry and also boost Nigeria Economy through Fashion.
He also stated that it encourages entrepreneurship and  for many business-minded entrepreneurs trying to overcome severe financial constraints, fashion design encourages economic development in Nigeria by allowing anyone with an eye for fashion an opportunity to generate income both locally and internationally. 
The market for well-designed clothes is unique based upon the simple fact that despite a global economic slowdown, consumers will always have a need for clothes, says Franklin.
Furthermore, he pointed that if a particular market for clothing is lower than usual, innovative entrepreneurs can take advantage of previously untapped overseas and emerging markets as a means of increasing sales.
GrandeurFranklin International with other Fashion designers will help in encouraging economic development in Nigeria through the employment of talented tailors, textile artists, aspiring models, and support staff necessary for the operation of large design studios; along with the resulting sales opportunities for local fabric retailers and production facilities.
Fashion designers help to bolster Nigeria economy by the infusion of capital both from the sales and expansion of their small businesses into new markets.
 Mr Chiemelu Franklin Chiekezie Founder of GrandeurFranklin International Ltd said that Fashion designs will encourages economic development in Africa due to the inherent sustainability of the clothing and apparel industry.
Through the local farmers providing the raw materials, the weavers who construct the fabrics, and the merchants who sell it.
Through the local farmers providing the raw materials, the weavers who construct the fabrics, and the merchants who sell the fabrics in local markets, fashion is an industry that employs many people whose entire economic well being is contingent upon the quarterly sales of the designers.
The sustainability of fashion design allows for most of the profits and accompanying investments to go back into the community, along with the eco-friendly methods of cultivation practiced by many Nigerian farmers.
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