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  • November 14, 2021
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The Nigerian Observer is one of Nigeria’s oldest newspapers. It used to have columnists like Anthony Enahoro, Abiola Adetokunbo, Osasere Adagbonyin, Andy Akporugo, and many big names. From the South-South zone of Nigeria, there was almost no big journalist today who did not cut their teeth and hone their skills as journalists writing for this esteemed newspaper. The Nigerian Observer had offices across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. As a student, I wrote a column for The Nigerian Observer known as Acada Gist for four years. My editors then were the much respected Mike Oputeh, Ofure Osehobo, Flora Okoye and Nasamu Jacobson. This was in the very early 90s. The Nigerian Observer was a truly national newspaper.
But over the years, The Nigerian Observer was abandoned. All the infrastructure, from the library to the newsroom, to utilities like power supply, toilets were just left to rot. If you walked into the press, you would see clanging pieces of metal fit only for a scrap yard. The Nigerian Observer, starved and ridiculed, was left to die a slow and very painful death.
But Governor Obaseki has changed all of that. The man has torn down the old walls, sent the scrap metals into the dustbin and brought in these gigantic printing machines. The Nigerian Observer, almost dead and buried will wear a new look as a hub for the arts and entertainment, but to retain its personality as a centre of media excellence and endeavour.
With this step at The Nigerian Observer, we thank Governor Obaseki and wish him well in his future endeavours in Edo State. With the redemption and life line he has given The Nigerian Observer, Mr Godwin Obaseki successfully wrote his name in gold in some of our hearts. The story of Obaseki and The Nigerian Observer will be a lesson in governance to past and future administrations, and that is that: that the good that men do lives after them.
Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku,
WADONOR, cultural voice of Nigeria.


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