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Independence Day- Nigerian youth vs its political quagmire by Victory Akpomedaye – Vanguard

  • November 17, 2021
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Independence Day- Nigerian youth vs its political quagmire by Victory Akpomedaye – Vanguard

The Nigerian Political Landscape since independence and the assumption of a democratic government from the military rule has witnessed vagaries of political recycling of leaders from the six geopolitical zones across the country, all with different political parties, Interests, and agendas to make the country a developed nation in the last 60 years of democratic rule.
The political space has always been occasioned with a tense and hot atmosphere during, before, and after the elections, an act which has made the country a cynosure in the eye of countries of the world during the elections. The Nigerian government on her part is not mindful of this anomaly rather always deploy tens of thousands of security operatives to ensure “free, fair, and credible’ polls even at local government elections, thus, the quest for political power in the country is not being treated with kid gloves.
With the current population of Nigeria at 212,305,008 as of Saturday, September 18, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data in which 60% account for the Youth Population, meanwhile the numbers of Nigerian Youth at the helms of political affairs in the nation today is nowhere commensurate to the general youth population.
Sadly, many of the (uneducated) youth are used for political rallies, campaigns, and thugs while the educated ones are contracted especially the tech savvy as social media influencers and tools to propagate information about a political aspirant, but were later dumped on the street to square one after they have assumed office.
Unbelievably, this trend has become a norm today such that an average Nigerian Youth now looks forward to the next election, not to actively participate as an electorate or but to align with a particular party of choice to get peanuts at the end of the process.
While some youth aspire with good intentions and political will to change the narrative at all costs positively, others prefer to be used by politicians to assume power. It is unfortunate to admit that most political youth movements and organizations are sponsored by well known political parties which at the end turn in their followers to campaign for them. The cost of a political ticket is very high and cannot be afforded by the typical Nigerian Youth who is a hustler, in spite of his intentions to truly serve.
Our political gladiators are power-drunk and very smart not to leave the seat of power to the youth, rather they transfer such to their next of kin for power continuity. Promises by most administration in power to co-opt the youth in their cabinet or even sponsor such has been a dream without reality, and if they eventually do, they set the tone for what should be done because  “he that pays the piper, dictates the tune”.
By and large, and from the foregoing and in this generation of ours where the future anticipated for is bleak and gloomy, the chances of attaining political power might be abysmally low and not forthcoming. Undoubtedly, the Nigerian Youth vis-a-vis its Political Quagmire is still in a fix.
I hope this is a clarion call on the Nigerian youth to strive to be independent with their mind and heart. Africa is waiting to be rescued and the Nigerian youth is integral and strategic to such a herculean task. This is not a cliché but the fact.
God bless Nigeria.



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