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Kwara: Nigerians react to Saraki’s Facebook message – Vanguard

  • November 21, 2021
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Kwara: Nigerians react to Saraki’s Facebook message – Vanguard

Saraki Condoles with Kwarans over Death of Ex-Dep Governor, OgundejiSaraki Condoles with Kwarans over Death of Ex-Dep Governor, Ogundeji
By Prisca Sam-Duru
Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led the Otoge movement that culminated in the dethronement of the age–long Saraki dynasty in Kwara State in the 2019 election. He is now governor of the state.
He has recorded achievments and recently Kwara was came tops in the Development Strides rating of APC governors in the country. His reforms in education, infrastructure, healthcare, youth empowerment among others have wormed him into the common people in Kwara.
However his ruling part, APC is divided in the state although he appears to now in charge of the party. And recent defections from APC are raising some questions about how strong the Otoge movement is now. This probably informed the recent call from Sen. Bukola Saraki for rescue of Kwara state in a facebook post. Said he: “I welcome all the new members of the PDP in Kwara State who have made the right decision to join our great party on this journey to rescue Kwara State, and Nigeria as a whole! I look forward to working with all of you!”, he wrote on his facebook page. 
Following the post, Saraki received some bashing , with many calling for his head while some others hailed his moves and personality as one they could trust with the responsibility of rescuing not only Kwara state, but the ailing country. Saraki probably got more than he bargained for.
Obanibi Michael Brass wrote; “Maybe you guys take us as fools, I don’t just understand. Rescue Kwara and Nigeria you say? Have you guys rescued your PDP National secretariat that has been under construction for over 16 years now? Where is the 21billion Naira fund raised to complete the shame you call the national secretariat? You possibly think we’re all daft as you assume”.
@Mohammed Soliu, “Only those with blurry vision and cloned brain will say His Excellency. DrAbubakarBukola Saraki has not and will not continue rescuing this country. That has been demonstrated when he held sway in various capacity. Mahatma Gandhi of Africa continue your good work”.
@Suleiman Imam Muritala, “Another tactics to win Atiku’s heart for the next campaign manager, Yes, AbdulRahman’s  performance may be below expectations of all of the great men of kwara but his few years in office are better than your 16 years as PDP governor”.
Mohammed Tajudeen Omo-Ola wrote; “Rescue kwara indeed. Kwara that you left without school, and road. Kwara that you left with abject poverty, with high number of youths turned to armed robbers, without salaries, without water, with industrial action across state, with daylight robbery of the people’s mandate, with percentage salary, with moribund health sector, with blacklisted UBEC fund, with food insecurity, with high rate of unemployment…Kwarans are not fool. You better enjoy your retirement jeje..”
@Mameen Esinrogunjo; “No going back insha Allah, never again SARAKODA”
@Haruna Muhammed Badamasi; “Where are their pictures and the details about them while in the APC…??  At least let the world see their faces to acknowledge and attest to their defection. PDP is still a scam party that, no single individuals and progressive minds would join them. Let’s support and pray for the incumbent governor to succeed in all ramifications”.
Comr  Dhikrullah Ayinde wrote; “This is the legacy of the person who claimed to grow Nigeria after 16 years of opportunity given to him to grow only one state out of 36, which he eventually wasted it. He wants to grow the life of the children he already crippled”. Muhammed Olaitan Ajia wrote; Rescue indeed! Kwara is not going back to an era where salary is paid on percentage. Under your watch, civil servants were promoted without salary increment. Under your watch, kwara state was blacklisted in UBEC for failing to pay the counterpart fund. We all know what UBEC stands for; a serious government will prioritize education. Your boy Abdulfatahi Ahmed whom is your successor is the greatest mistake that has ever happened to kwara state. We will not want you to have a repeat of that gullible mistake again. Kwara has really stepped up. Thank you sir. Not again..
“Lamidi Yakubu… “No rescue until u rescue your party national Secretariat”.
@Ahma Tahir; “Which kind fake decamping is that? What is kwarans’ position in PDP national executives, which rescue are you saying? Is it to enrich yourselves or enslave our innocent youth? Please take a look at the level of kwara state, that under your leadership for over 16yrs, worker’s salaries, education sector, road infrastructure, power all is zero. kwarans are wise. Sir, don’t let them deceive you faaa”
Abubakar Idris Abiodun…”Comrade 317 is talking about rescuing Kwara. Never Again Will you get to the Helms Of Power In Kwara and Nigeria at large.” 
@Olaniyi Ahmed; “Rescue kwara or what did you just mentione? Rescue from what? We bless God Almighty for sending us Abdurahman, like seriously PDP has destroyed kwara state already but Alhamdullilah robil L alamin”.
Aduagba Kamal Kayode said; “Oniyeye, Mr rescuers A state that you governed for good eight years and imposed a  dundee united Ahmed Fatai  with both party APC -& PDP  platform, …wait for another defeat.. ”
@Hanaphy Mubaraque… “Which rescue? After your boy the former governor owed several months of salaries which the present government has cleared. Getat abeg. You know that was how you came here to lie to Nigerians that the governor demolished your father’s property, whereas it was the Local government council that demolished the library  building which belongs to them and not your father, now they are constructing  a new one, can you come out again and post the construction going on to appreciate them? No….Na so so lie you go they lie about”.
@Amos Okogu…”You want to rescue Kwara state that you destroyed before? You are suppose to hide your face in shame while another Man is putting things right in Kwara state now”. Olayinka Saheed wrote; “Maybe he wana rescue Abeokuta! Cuz Kwara is already in safe hand…. May AA continue to succeed”
@Taiye Ahmed… “Alaye is better go and establish good business than to wasting your money and time. Kwara is be wise than you think”.
Meanwhile, a host of others urged Saraki to help not only Kwara State but the ailing Nigeria.
@Fiye Erifitei Oriamaja…”Great news you can’t lie always, the people have known better so they moved to PDP”Olayinka Dunmonye wrote, “Very many are on their way back to PDP soonest”.
@Johnson Bukola Rufus; “Good to hear this cheering news; more defectors Insha Allah”.Abdulfatah Soluade, “Normal – l am not a Politician but l am a stakeholder in democracy of my country Nigeria but l love your patience and style of leadership as an individual”.
@Aligan Muhammad…”Truth will prevail with patience all the time. Everyone knows, the best Senate president in Nigerian history is you sir”.Akpama Ubana; “You are all welcome to our great party PDP”.
@Barinkin Samuel…Great development God get your back, more people will defect to join the rescue mission”.Abdulkadir Issa said, “Best Leader, others are still coming sir thanks our Boss”.
Alh Yakubu Gazama Mmr, “Weldone great PDP power to the peoples 2023 inshaallahu”.
@Mazi Ifeayi Nwosu; “Saraki  even if APC government of Nigeria  hate you me personally  I love you . You will keep excelling while your enemies will  dash their teeth  on the ground”.
Bolakale A A Ghana… “Sai leader God bless you sir; sai leader”.
Mohammed Shehu… “Up PDP up Bukola saraki”.
Kenneth Ogbu…Congratulations to great party,  Naija  ….we move”.
Olaitan Taofeeq Akanbi; “Kudos my oga I still remain your loyal fan till eternity…God bless you more”
Lawal Olalekan…”Welcome to sarakite family and PDP at large”.
Ibrahim A. Bala… “A very big Congratulations people of kwara State who join my great party PDP. You’re welcome to you all”.
QAbdulrasaq Qudrat Alake… “That is Good news for kwara state and all SARAKITE”
@Sheriffdeen Uthman… “That’s just the results for the spirit of sportsmanship that you displayed during the 2019 General Election in Kwara. You can challenge the outcome of the pool, but chose not do so, today we have all regretted voting you out of power and returning to your camp. Be rest Assure that we are still coming en-mass in no distance time oga Saraki”.
Alh Taiye Alawuyan; wrote, “You spoke and the following days the leaders of APC and some community leaders are defecting.. Definitely more people are still coming. In your good leadership good people cherished and trust”.
[email protected] Abdulllllllahi Kayode… “Kwara deserves reset. The opportunists in govt have taken the state decades backward. God bless Your Excellency sir”.
Mahmud  Bolaji Rasaq… “Welcome development and we are still waiting for the others to make their choice in time sir”.



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