November 30, 2022

Nigeria in disarray, Buhari ‘must go’— Chair, PDP BoT – Vanguard

  • November 23, 2021
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Nigeria in disarray, Buhari ‘must go’— Chair, PDP BoT – Vanguard

 By Ibrahim Hassan, Kaduna
Chairman Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), Senator Walid Jibrin has said that Nigeria is in disarray under APC rule and they are prepared to chase out the Buhari government and return the country to a state of peaceful coexistence.
He said there is no free movement in today’s Nigeria as people can no longer travel safely by road and by rail while travelling by air is now for the rich.
The Second Republic Senator spoke in an interview with journalists during the wedding of a son to the National President of Textiles workers union, Comrade John Adaji, in Kaduna.
The PDP will send the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) packing from the nation’s seat of power in 2023 general elections,” he boasted.
Speaking to commemorate African Industrialisation Day, as recognised by the United Nations to re-industrialise Africa, the National President, National Union of Textiles, Garments and Tailoring Workers of Nigeria (NUTGTWN), Comrade John Adaji said, “We need a government that is committed to the industrialisation of Nigeria”.
Senator Walid said when PDP finally produce its presidential candidate and the zone is known, APC would have no option other than to pack out of government.
“We in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) are very careful and hopeful about the achievements and industrial development of Nigeria.
“We met and agreed that the National Chairman of our great party should come from the North Central. And that one had been achieved. Other arrangements are on the way. We are going to decide soon where our presidential candidate will come from.
“The next government which I hope is going to be the PDP government will look at the issue of insecurity and find a lasting solution to it and bring back the country to a state of peaceful coexistence and free movement.”
“With the present insecurity in the country, every common man and woman knows that Nigeria is in a big problem under the current government. Nigeria is in a state of disarray. But a good political party and a good government can solve this problem of insecurity.”
“Let me tell you that travelling by road is now dangerous, travelling by train is also dangerous. And those who have the money travel by air. But the common man cannot travel by air. Anywhere you go today, you are not safe.”
“The industrial development in Nigeria is not going well because government policy is not consistent over the years.”
“If government policy is consistent, Nigeria wouldn’t have been where it is today. Every policy needs to be consistent for a period of five years running. But changing policy soon after implementation by successive governments is not good for the industrial development of the country. If Nigeria must be re-industrialised, government policy on manufacturing sector must be consistent to stand the test of time”, he said.
Comrade Adaji told journalists that Nigerians have been subjected to lamentations over comatose industries in the country, while the nation’s leaders showed little or no political Will to re-industrialise the country.
“In those days of our great leaders like Ahmadu Bello, Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo, among others, there was a competition over industrialisation of the North, the West and the Eastern zones. But today we are just into lamentations over comatose industries in the country.
“In the 70s and 80s when the population of Nigeria was much less than what we have now, there were several industries everywhere in the country. But today we are over 200 million people, we cannot boast of functional industries that should triple that of the early 70s.
“It is lamentation because every successive government proved wrong in improving the situation. There was no policy consistent to transform the manufacturing sector.
“The implication of these comatose industries is the insecurity we are witnessing today because one thing leads to another. It has also led to massive youths unemployment.
“One of the solutions to this ugly situation is that our leaders should develop political Will to solve these socio-economic problems. We have the manpower and the population to transform the manufacturing sector,” he said.
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