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Nigeria supplying 50% of seeds used in West Africa – FG – The Punch

  • November 27, 2021
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Nigeria supplying 50% of seeds used in West Africa – FG – The Punch

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Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mohammed Abubakar
Nigeria currently supplies over 50 per cent of the quality seeds that are used in West Africa, the Federal Government said on Friday.
The Director-General, National Agricultural Seeds Council, Philip Ojo, said Nigeria had been exporting seeds in large volumes to neighbouring countries.
He spoke in Abuja during a road walk to announce the 2021 Seed-Connect Africa Conference and Exhibition, organised by the council and the agriculture ministry.
He said, “Nigeria supplies more than 50 per cent of quality seeds that are being used in West Africa. Other countries in West Africa are coming to learn what makes us big in seed production.

“We have got invitations from Cote D’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia. Ghana will be coming with its delegation to come and study what we are doing here.”
Speaking on the essence of planting quality seeds, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mohammad Mahmoud said farmers must desist from buying unapproved seeds.
Mahmoud said, “We must adopt improved quality seeds. Planting quality seeds that have been approved by the seed council will lead to bumper harvest, which will make the country food secure.

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“Planting of adulterated seeds will lead to low yield, which is not good for the country. Agriculture is the engine room of any economy. If you look around the world, you will find out that self-sufficient countries are the best countries.
“Let’s help the ministry police those who are trying to sell bad seeds. If you see someone selling bad seeds, it is your responsibility to alert the authorities. Don’t buy any seed that is not approved by the seeds council.”
In 2020, the seeds council, with the support of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, introduced the NASC SeedCodex, an electronic seed authentication tag to provide farmers with quality assurance through tracking, traceability and provision of quality seeds.
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