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What Buhari did to Nigeria – Daily Sun

  • November 27, 2021
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What Buhari did to Nigeria – Daily Sun

This column is not enough to document what Buhari did to Nigeria and is still doing. Even a book will not be enough to tell the story of how a promising country of over 200 million people was conned into electing an old, confused and weak president, a leader who is good in everything except keeping to his promises and oath of office.
I decided to pen this article not essentially to call out President Buhari because of the pains his wrong policies have inflicted on us but to show how bad leadership can destroy future hopes and cause needless conflicts.
This opinion will also guide us to be weary of politicians and their promises especially now that we are inching towards another election season. We have a duty to scrutinise properly all those angling to succeed the President so that we don’t make the same mistake of electing another incompetent leader.
Nigeria is a great country with lots of good people but we are governed by the worst of people. We are not good in making the right choice when it comes to  choosing our leaders. We allow sentiments of tribe and religion to becloud our senses. We must rise above such primordial sentiments if we must get it right.
Today, we are all suffering in Nigeria and the suffering does not discriminate against those who voted for or against. The truth is that we are all in the same uncomfortable teacup because the majority of us who voted did so for all the wrong reasons.
It’s true that in 2015, PDP had outlived her usefulness as a ruling party and Nigerians needed change. The Buhari change mantra resonated well with the people especially the very young voters. They voted for him with the hope that he would be a better President. They saw him as a father figure who would help resolve their issues.
What Buhari promised the most was change and he has truly changed the country in the direction he wanted it. Most of the things that are happening  were not unintended consequences of a bad leadership and bad policies. What is happening were expected and intended because they were designed to be so. We were warned but we paid scant attention hence we changed from frying pan to fire, which happened very early and too fast.
A friend told me that Nigeria is finished, that Buhari has killed Nigeria and that there is no hope for Nigeria rising above her current challenges. The only solution they see is balkanisation of the country.
While I agree that Buhari has destroyed the country, I do not accept that the country is gone.  It  is not impossible to reverse the mistakes. A good and visionary leader, who truly love Nigeria  can build back the country to safety, security and prosperity. It will only take a while and maybe a lot of hard works and determination, but Nigeria can recover and pull from the brink. I believe one day the current nightmare will be over.
On his way to the presidency, President Buhari made a lot of promises like ensuring petrol which we produce does not sell above N60 per litre. He in actual fact inherited PMS price of  N87 per litre, but under his watch PMS is now sold on the average of N167 per litre. It is most likely that by January 2022 Nigerians will buy PMS at N320 per litre.
Another of his failed promises was that he would make the naira to exchange equal to the dollar. Many Nigerians of course want a stronger currency and wished for the good old days when one naira exchanged for one dollar. President Buhari actually inherited an average exchange rate of N197 to $1. But under his watch the FX rate averages N560 to $1 and may likely peak at N1000 to $1 before the end of his regime.
The rise in the exchange rate has escalated inflation and the price of goods. Over 80 million Nigerians live below poverty level and risk starvation in the coming year. The price of goods are out of reach as many homes are without food and will be without food this Christmas. Inflation rate which was at 9.01% in 2015 has  averaged 17.42%. in 2021
Perhaps, one area where the President’s broken promise was more visible is in the area of unity. We are now more divided than we ever were. In a speech he delivered during his swearing in as president in 2015, he made a profound statement where he promised to be for no one but for everyone. But as soon as that statement was made he began to implement an agenda that completely defeated his oath of office and the federal character provision as enshrined in the constitution. For a president who must see the entire federation as his constituency, he showed preference for his tribe and people of his religion to the detriment of others.
His nepotism and tribalistic disposition saw to it that no South Easterner is within an earshot of the corridor of power.  The marginalisation of the Igbo is too glaring for even the blind to see. The marginalisation expectedly fuelled the separatist agitation of the youths who want a country of their own built on merit. The Igbo agitation has since snowballed into widespread agitation as different separatist agitators rose in other parts of the country. The attempt to use force to quell the agitations has led to widespread killings which has attracted international attention. Not even the arrest and detention of the leaders of the agitation has calmed the restive youths.
The issue of self-determination is a simple issue which could have been resolved through dialogue, restructuring, devolution of more powers to the states and granting of local government autonomy. Buhari has refused all wise counsel and pleadings on restructuring which is the country’s best hope of survival. He has so far failed to appreciate that Nigeria will either restructure or die.
According to Mr. Peter Obi, Nigeria is like a rickety car with very bad engine. And no good driver can drive it to its destination, except the engine is fixed. Nigeria indeed requires fixing.
President Buhari is a retired military General. During his campaign,  he made very bold promise to end insecurity. Then insecurity was largely concentrated in the North Eastern region of Nigeria. Expectations were high that insecurity would become a thing of the past. But under Buhari, the entire country has become a killing field, a kidnappers’ den and a living hell.
In parts of Nigeria, education has collapsed because bandits has made attacking schools and kidnapping teachers and students a regular pastime. Not even the Nigerian Defence Academy , the elite Nigerian Army training school was spared . The North East Boko Haram insurgency has mutated to ISWAP, bandits, militia herdsmen and unknown gunmen.
In the South East of Nigeria, most police stations are closed due to the activities of unknown gunmen who attack police and military formations. One will be right to describe President Buhari as a General conquered by armed bandits.
Corruption remains a blight not just in Nigeria but around the world. However, in Nigeria , the problem is endemic. It has robbed the country of a brighter future .
Before he became president, President Buhari was the poster boy for anti-corruption. Many expected him to wage a relentless war against the cankerworm, but again he failed woefully. It’s an open secret that when you join the president’s party your sins are forgiven. The anti-corruption war appears to target mainly members of the opposition party. This shouldn’t be so. In fact the failure to end corruption are partly the reasons why conflicts are escalating in all parts of Nigeria.

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This column is not enough to document what Buhari did to Nigeria and is still doing. Even…

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