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Proudly Afrocentric – Guardian Nigeria

  • November 28, 2021
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Proudly Afrocentric – Guardian Nigeria

It is matchless elegance as some Nigerian bride and groom are changing fashion narrative by adorning themselves with native attires for their church wedding as opposed to the conventional foreign ‘white wedding’ gown.
Now, it is isiagu and ankara that define and lead the world of African bride and groom attire. Interestingly, the priests and officiating ministers have no contrary opinion to this trend as they join the couple in holy matrimony.
Call it paradigm shift or radical shift, the beautiful isiagu and other traditional wedding outfits for both bride and groom have come to stay in Nigeria. Why?  It is not fashion if your culture and traditional identity is completely misplaced – this is what happens when Nigerians and other Africans walk down the church aisle with alien white wedding gowns made with fabrics that do not correlate with the culture and identity of the people.
Why Native Wedding Outfits Are Here To Stay
The original idea and tradition of wedding is cultural and as such the entire procession, including the attire, should reflect this fact. Native wedding outfits are not just outstandingly beautiful but also showcase indigenous society lifestyle.
How To Stun In Native Wedding Outfits
•The bride wears a ball dress made from indigenous fabrics such as isiagu, Ankara and aso-oke, while the groom wears a suit or the regular traditional top for men made with the same fabric.
•The bride can drop her hair or pull back in a stylish ponytail with hair accessories, alongside other beautifying accessories that compliment her outfit.
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