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Nigeria among top 10 countries with grounded aircraft – The Nation Newspaper

  • November 29, 2021
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Nigeria among top 10 countries with grounded aircraft – The Nation Newspaper

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Nigeria is among the top 10 countries in the world with the highest number of grounded aircraft.
Nigeria according to information released by Ch-aviation , an international  aviation database and consultancy services company that collects and publishes information on aircraft, airlines and airports, ranks fifth position among nine other countries including VietNam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia , Italy, the Philippines, Iran and Singapore.
According to data released by Ch- Aviation, 54 out of the 111 aircraft registered in Nigeria are active, while the other 57 are grounded accounting for 51.35 per cent of airplanes in the registry.
Officials of the regulatory body – Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) are yet to dispute the figures.
The data was silent on the airlines that have the grounded aircraft on their fleet.
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Besides Nigeria, Vietnam leads the pack of countries with the highest number of grounded aircraft with 169 of airplanes accounting for 72.84 among the 232 aircraft registered in the country. 63 aircraft according to Ch- Aviation data are active in Vietnam.
According to the data, Hong Kong with 252 aircraft in its registry has 155 grounded airplanes representing 61.51 per cent to its 97 active airplanes.
Thailand on its part, with 267 airplanes has 162 grounded aircraft  representing 60.67 per cent to its 105 active aircraft.
Malaysia, with its 253 aircraft in its registry , has 142 grounded, accounting for 56.13 per cent to its active 111 aircraft.
Italy with  138 aircraft in its registry maintains a 50 per cent ratio of active and grounded aircraft.
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According to Ch- Aviation data, the Philippines 215 aircraft, its grounded airplanes accounts for 102 as against 113 airplanes.
Iran on its part, with 253 airplanes in its register has 119 ground aircraft compared with its 134 active airplanes.
Singapore  with its 222 aircraft profile in its registry has 130 active airplanes compared to its 92 grounded airplanes.Indonesia with its 570 aircraft on its registry profile parades 312 active airplanes compared to 258 grounded aircraft.
According to Ch-Aviation data, narrowbody jets account for the highest number of active  airplanes in use by global carriers with  71 per cent followed by regional active jets at 62 per cent .
Regional turboprop propellers active aircraft account for 55 per cent whereas widebody jets account for 39 per cent  active aircraft by market group.
For grounded aircraft, widebody jets  account  for 39 per cent , followed by regional turbo propellers leading with 45 per cent.Regional jets account for 38 per cent of grounded airplanes whereas narrowbody jets stand at 29 per cent.
According to Chi – Aviation,  the total global fleet size currently counts 28,083 aircraft, of which 22,764 are active, and 5,319 are grounded in September 2021.
Ch-Aviation statistics revealed : ” The active aircraft fleet grew by 22 per ce from September 2020 to September 2021.
“Asia and North America have firmly established themselves at the top when it comes to continents with the most active aircraft. Asia currently counts 7,657, whereas North America has 7,025 active aircraft.
Europe ranks third with 5,737 active aircraft, followed by Africa (881), South America (855), and Oceania (609).
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