November 30, 2022

Ghanaian acts will break through globally if media houses help – Nigerian rapper El Prince – Pulse Ghana

  • November 30, 2021
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Ghanaian acts will break through globally if media houses help – Nigerian rapper El Prince – Pulse Ghana

Nigerian rapper, El Prince, is calling on Ghanaian media houses to help protect the African culture.
According to the ‘God no Go Shame Us’ rapper, Ghanaian acts will easily break through to the international scene if the media players can help with a conscious agenda to package and promote African homegrown talents.
El Prince who is currently on a media tour in Ghana shared his thoughts during an exclusive interview with
It just like if you have a sound, like you have a culture, you need to protect your culture but it left with the media houses to help also and do that because if you lose that culture, you can’t be practising someone else’s culture,” he said.
Speaking to African acts on how they can sell globally, he added that “you can’t be here and practising some Western culture … we are Africans and you need to connect to your roots, if you know your roots, you will stick to that culture and sell it“.
People out there don’t want to see what already they know of, they want to see something new and our culture is amazing to them, I have a lot of Western friends and drives them crazy is the culture,” El Prince noted.
In the conversation, the versatile music act cited Nigerian’s movie industry as an example when he said “for example Nollywood, they love it, why? There is Aki and Pawpaw, Mr Ibu, different funny culture, things we do that looks very funny, they love it. So, portray someone else when you diamond and gold her?
El Prince is running a media tour in Ghana following the release of his six-track ‘Green Vibe’ EP. A body of work that has his new banging song ‘Ima’ which features Mayor Kun. Check it out below.
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