November 30, 2022

Regionalism or disintegration’ll solve Nigeria’s problem – Cleric – The Punch

  • November 30, 2021
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Regionalism or disintegration’ll solve Nigeria’s problem – Cleric – The Punch

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Senior Pastor, Awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa
The Senior Pastor of Awaiting the Second Coming of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has called on all Nigerians to embrace regionalism, saying it would solve many challenges facing the country.
He also said the plan by the Federal Government to remove fuel subsidy, and increase the pump price of petrol by 2022, was not a solution to the current economic problem of the nation.
The cleric stated this at his church in Akure, the Ondo State capital, on Sunday, during the 20th anniversary of the church.
According to him, Nigeria could only grow if the country could adopt a regional system.

He said, “Even without the removal of fuel subsidy, people still find it difficult to live. So, the removal of subsidy is nothing but nonsense. What Nigeria needs right now is disintegration or we go back to the regional system of government. Anything aside that is a failure.
“Abraham and Lot had a similar problem in Genesis:13. There was a crisis between the two of them,  Abraham had to call Lot, to resolve this issue amicably; ‘when you go to the south, I will go to the east, when you go to the west, I will go to the north’. Lot had to agree with him and they separated. Who said separation is not in the bible. Anybody that says that is deceiving himself.
“The problem is compounding and for us to solve the issue once and for all, we need disintegration. Disintegration will address the issue of subsidy because each region will manage itself, that is the truth, nothing but the truth.”

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Giwa, however, cried out that there were attempts to silence the church, following different threat messages he had been receiving.
The pastor said, “They cannot stop me from saying the truth. But the issue of the church is that they are divided. There is wide division amongst us. Some pastors are being antagonised for saying the truth. The same problem we are having in Nigeria is the same one we are having in Christendom.
“The insecurity issue is due to the failure on the part of the government. With the amount of security vote being taken by the governors, have they been able to utilize it very well? If the security vote is being managed very well, kidnapping will be a thing of the past.
“2023 election is not our problem now. They should put aside that election. They should first address salient issues like insecurity, hunger and lots of issues affecting this country. Only God knows what will happen in 2023.”
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