May 24, 2022

'My reign as 'Face of Nigeria' will change how people see beauty queens' – NIGERIAN TRIBUNE

  • December 3, 2021
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'My reign as 'Face of Nigeria' will change how people see beauty queens' – NIGERIAN TRIBUNE

Tribune Online – Breaking News in Nigeria Today
Oyindoubra Wilson is the current queen for Face of Nigeria pageant. A model and graduate of English and literature, she reveals to ROTIMI IGE how she intends to impact the world by leaving a legacy of service to humanity.
Tell us a bit about your background, early memories growing up.
Growing up was tough, I did not have a lot going on for me. I happen to be last child of five from the late Chief Boss Wilson. My favourite memory about growing up would be having the entire family together; the laughs and togetherness we had, till life happened and I had to leave them to seek a future for myself.
What influenced you into beauty and fashion?
Watching my idols back then, Agbani Darego, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and so on, made me realise that there was where I belonged and I set out having a plan on how to accomplish it.
What was your experience during the pageant you just won?
Face of Nigeria is built different, the experience is way different from anything I had experienced in previous pageants. With this pageant, you tend to get value and knowledge intellectually even before the finals…It was really a good experience.
What do you hope to achieve during your reign?
Quite a lot, on the short term (one year), I want to make notable impact in my home state with my three-phase project and on the long term, notable impact across Nigeria and Africa as well.
Critics say many beauty queens lack intellectual capacity to leverage on their fame and fortune to make impact. What are your thoughts and what would you do differently?
This isn’t totally false, but I am built differently and proudly amongst the pack of ‘Queens’ whose beauty matches her intellectually capacity to speak, interpret and bring to life vision and ideas, which can easily be impactful within society. Hopefully, my legacy will make me different and stand out.
Tell us about your beauty secret. What gives you your glow?
I think my glow is from my mother and late father; they are, no doubt, the most beautiful people in the world to me. Luckily, they passed their genes to their children, so I’d humbly admit it’s hereditary. Plus, I drink a lot of water and I like to mind my business.
Your fashion sense?
Simple wins all the time for me. Simple but classy.
Your most prized bodily asset?
I don’t think I overprice any part of my body that much, but if I may say, my mind happens to be the most prized asset I have.
 What are your hopes for the beauty and fashion industry in Nigeria?
I hope that, in the nearest future, we will have a functional association to further regulate the industry. Right now, things are done so badly without regulations and girls without experience fall victim yearly.
How would you encourage young women who want to be like you?
Be yourself always. Be original and always have a plan.
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President Muhammadu Buhari Friday at State House Abuja urged the MTN Group to make the available top-of-the-range service to its Nigerian subscribers…  ‘My reign as ‘Face of Nigeria’ will change how people see beauty queens’  ‘My reign as ‘Face of Nigeria’ will change how people see beauty queens’  ‘My reign as ‘Face of Nigeria’ will change how people see beauty queens’  ‘My reign as ‘Face of Nigeria’ will change how people see beauty queens’.
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