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Christian Worship Songs You Should Listen To

  • December 5, 2021
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Christian Worship Songs You Should Listen To

We have several ways of connecting to God – worship, praise, prayers, dream, kind deeds and others. For the worship lovers, while you’re searching for spirit filled worship to listen to, here are a few you shouldn’t miss in your search:

1. Yesu-Masoyina by Solomon Lange 
In this music, You’re simply professing your love for God stating clearly that nothing can separate you from Christ. No doubt most parts are in Hausa language and you may find it difficult  understanding its meaning but there’s a way you must feel ‘within’ while listening.

2. Capable God by Judikay
This song is one of those beautiful songs you should listen to, always. So many reassuring words from God stating that He will never fail us no matter the circumstances and what He cannot do, doesn’t exist.

3. Obinasom by Mercy Chinwo
Marvellously written and sung. It simply shows how your mind is full of joy because of God’s love and his deeds.

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