December 4, 2022

Impact Of Genevieve Nnaji’s Movie, Lionheart.

  • December 5, 2021
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Impact Of Genevieve Nnaji’s Movie, Lionheart.

Lionheart is a 2018 Nigeria movie, directed by Genevieve Nnaji. It displays how resourceful and purposeful the Nigerian society has become. The film talks about business in today’s era, it portrays Nigeria in the light of a developed and civilized society willing tomake investment and go intopartnership with investors so as tocreate a business hub with household.

 The role of Adanna also demonstrated how females are beginning to stand for their future by being assets not liabilities. Adanna in this movie worked with her father and also her uncle as a partner, not an object. She navigates everything from sexism and sexual harassment to the senseof duty and obligation towards familial and tribal communities. She experience many of the complexities that shape life forNigerian women. Her struggles do not revolve around securing a husband or having children but for self and Nation’s development.

Living in bondage avoided familiar tropes of African tribalism representation. It depicts tribalism in a subtle manner. It focused on how it can shape relationships while avoiding sensationalized violent ethnic conflicts, the Biafran war and Boko Haram. With this approach, Lionheart effectivelyshowcases Igbo culture and its intersections with Nigeria at large.

A beautiful movie you don’t want to miss.

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