November 30, 2022

Should I Sleep While On A Journey By Road Or Not?

  • December 5, 2021
  • 1 min read
Should I Sleep While On A Journey By Road Or Not?

This is no longer new to most of us – sleeping on our way to various destinations.  It actually depends on the nature of your journey, you should sleep while traveling only when you are not driving,  you are with your family or familiar with the people around.

Do not sleep when you’re  on journey to a place for the first time because you may probably forget where  you are, and you would be taken to a different destination, if it’s a public transport. This obviously would attract a double transportation fare. Sleep when you have a trusted friend or family member who would act as the “watch man” during the journey.

When you are exhausted and want to take some rest/sleep, you could also speak to a trusted person in the bus/car to remind you when the vehicle has gotten to your destination.

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