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2023:Why I Won’t Name My Anointed Candidate – PMB

  • January 6, 2022
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2023:Why I Won’t Name My Anointed Candidate – PMB

President Muhammadu Buhari has explained reasons why he won’t name his favourite candidate to succeeded him in 2023.

The President made the disclosure in an exclusive interview with Channels Television’s Maupe Ogun and Seun Okinbaloye, which aired on Wednesday.

According to him, the candidate may face hurdles so he prefers to keep It to himself .

When asked what comes to my mind when he hears PDP, the  president said; “PDP! Failure!”.

When asked, “2023 elections, what comes to mind?”.

The president replied; “It is not my problem!”.

When ask what he thinks about the youths , the president said; “I wish when they go to school, when they work hard, when they have a degree, they don’t do it thinking government must give them a job”.

“You get educated because an educated person is certainly better than an uneducated one. Even in identifying personal problems.

So, education is not just to hang on to government to give you job. And what the colonials indoctrinated on, to have a car, to have a house, and to start work at 8 O’Clock and close at 2 O’Clock”.

The president also  stated his readiness to sign the Electoral Act Amendment Bill after the National Assembly makes the necessary adjustments.

He, however, said such changes must include the addition of consensus candidates, indirect primary options to the mode of selecting a candidate for an election, as against the initial direct mode as the only option to conduct primaries by political parties.

He said “All I said (is that) there should be options,.We must not insist that it has to be direct; it should be consensus and indirect.”

“Asked if he would sign if the lawmakers effect the change in that direction, he affirmed, “Yes, I will!” I will sign.

“There should be options, you can’t dictate to people and say you are doing democracy. Give them other options so they can make a choice.”

He also stated that he will not intervene to secure the release of Nnamdi Kanu because that would be interfering with the judiciary.

According to him” There is one institution that I wouldn’t interfere with, that is the judiciary, Kanu’s case is with the judiciary but what I wonder is when Kanu was safely in Europe, abusing this administration and mentioning too many things, I thought he wants to come and defend himself on the accusations.

“So, we are giving him an opportunity to defend himself in our system, not to be abusing us from Europe as if he was not a Nigerian. Let him come here with us and then criticise us here. Nigerians know that I don’t interfere with the judiciary, let him be listened to. 

“But those who are saying that he should be released, no, we cannot release him.”

When asked about the possibility for political solution, Buhari said, “There is a possibility of political solution. If people behave themselves, all well and good but you can’t go to a foreign country and keep on sending incorrect economic and security problems (sic) against our country and thinking that you would not account for what you have been doing. Let him (Kanu) account for what he has been doing.”

President Buhari also insisted that his administration has done so much in tackling the country’s security woes.

“If you ask anybody from the North-east, there were a number of local governments that were in the hands of BH or ISWAP. None of these local governments now are in their control.”

“Within the last four weeks, there are improvements in the North-east and North-central,” Mr Buhari said.

Virtually all parts of the country are facing one form of security or the other.

President Buhari also rejected the notion of state police as the solution to the nation’s mounting security problems, appearing to express fears that it may be abused by state governors. 

Responding to a question on the issue, President Buhari said “State police is not an option.  Find out the relationship between local government and the governors. Are the third tier of government getting what they are supposed to get constitutionally? Are they getting it? Let the people in local government tell you the truth, the fight between local governments and the Governor.”

The president advocated a bigger role for traditional rulers in bringing peace to communities as according to him, the royal fathers know who is who in their localities. 

Buhari dwelt on reports of farmers/herders clashes in the country and wondered why there should be such occurrences among people that he observed used to coexist peacefully. 

He explained: “For example, there were two Governors that came to see me about problems – Oyo state and one other state – because the herders were in their forests but the animals were going into the neighbouring farms, and eating the crops; I said, as far as I know, the farmers and herders have been co-existing in Nigeria for generations. 

“Let them go and ask the local leadership what has gone wrong, why the break in communication between the local leadership and the herders.”

Speaking on the traditional rulers, he added:  “The role of traditional rulers must not be undermined, because in their areas they know who is who, even by families, not to even talk of individuals.

“So, we have to revert to that system for us to have effective security in the localities.”

The president had previously expressed his reservations about the idea of state police. 

Asked about his view an interview in May 2018 about governors demand for state police, he said: “I want the Nigerian Constitution to be consulted first and see what it says. If it says they should be allowed, then they should be allowed but don’t forget, how many times did we have to release money to states in the name of bailouts to enable them pay salaries?

“How many states are able to pay their workers in time? And you add the police to them? People should look at this matter very well.”

Speaking further on why he was not convinced about the idea, President Buhari added: “No, I am not convinced. We should have solved the current insecurity in the North-east and South-south by now. Can the states be able to shoulder the burden of the polic?

“You cannot just give someone guns and ammunition, train him and refuse to pay him, you know what will eventually happen.”

When asked if he was aware of the numbers of Nigerians who find it difficult to feed under his watch, the president said “I’m absolutely aware of it, but like I said, look at the vast population of Nigerians, only 2.5% of the land revenue are being cultivated. We realised this rather too late, but we have to go back to the land .
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