May 26, 2022

PMB Never Directed Removal Of Fuel Subsidy- Lawan – Jonathan Nda- Isaiah

  • January 18, 2022
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PMB Never Directed Removal Of Fuel Subsidy- Lawan – Jonathan Nda- Isaiah

Senate President Ahmad Lawan has disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari has never directed the removal of fuel subsidy.

Recall that the federal government had said they will stop the payment of fuel subsidy from June this year.

However, speaking to State House correspondents on Tuesday after meeting with the President, Lawan said the government should not transfer the burden to the people.

According to him, based on the lawmakers  interactions with their constituents, the people are opposed to the removal of subsidy.

The Senate president also faulted the claims  that Nigerians use 100 million liters of petrol daily.

He insisted that government must find a solution to the impasse.

He said “Well, it will be of interest to Nigerians to hear what I’ve come to discuss with Mr. President among several other things. Many of us are very concerned with the recent agitations,  protests.

“And many citizens were so concerned, our constituents across the country are very concerned that the federal government will remove the petroleum subsidy. And for us, as parliamentarians, as legislators representing the people of Nigeria, this must be of interest to us. 

“And we’ve just finished our recess, we had gone home to our constituencies and senatorial districts. And will feel the pulse of our people. 

“And I found it necessary to visit Mr. President, as the leader of our government and our leader in the country, to discuss this particular issue of concern to Nigerians, and I’m happy to inform Nigerians that Mr. President never told anyone that the petroleum subsidy should be removed.

“I know and I agree that the subsidy is very heavy. But I think we must never transfer the burden to the citizens. I believe that we need to look at the quoted figure of maybe 100 million liters that people claim we’re consuming. Is it real? I mean is it either under-recoveries of subsidy? Is it 100 million liters per day? How on earth are we consuming that? 

“We need to look at this critically and see how we can find the truth. Because I am not convinced that within the boundaries of Nigeria we are consuming 100 million liters. 

“Probably neighboring countries may be benefiting from this. Can’t we do something about it? It is a failure on us if we are not able to control it, this particular aspect of smuggling if the petrol and then in return, push the burden to the ordinary citizen.

“So I want to commend Mr. President, for still keeping this philosophy of ensuring that the most ordinary Nigerian does not suffer in any way. 

“Government is meant to serve people. And the essence of government law we all know is to protect the lives and property and welfare of the people. And that the federal aspect is part of the welfare. It may not be exactly the way we want it in the implementation of subsidy.

“But that is our challenge as an administration as a government. So we need to come together, both the legislature the National Assembly, and those people and institutions and organizations that are responsible for dealing with this matter. To find a solution to this.

He also confirmed that the amended electoral bill will be sent to the president this week for assent.

 “Well, I smile because that again, by the grace of God tomorrow both chambers,  the Senate and the House of Representatives will pass the bill. And I hope that by before the end of the week, the bill could be brought back to Mr. President for his assent. 

“I hope that but one thing I’m sure by the grace of God is we are passing the bill, the Electoral Act Amendment Bill 2010, tomorrow Wednesday the  19th in both chambers, 

“and we are happy that at the end of the day, we have been able to narrow down our differences and arrive at the very patriotic resolution that our country must have a new electoral law that will guide the 2023 general elections in the country, and Nigeria would have everything to benefit from this law.

“And for us in the ninth assembly, the Electoral Act amendment bill is one of our major legislative agenda that we wanted to deal with in the ninth National Assembly and to the glory of God Almighty Allah. 

“By tomorrow, we will be able to pass the bill for Mr. president to assent to it. I hope that the cleaning process will not take more than a day. But if it does, then it has to be early next week. But I’m very optimistic that there is not much to clean because normally when we pass the bill like this, it goes to the legislative drafting unit of the National Assembly,” he added.

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