September 29, 2022

If You Love Me Pray For My Family – Tonto Pleads

  • February 12, 2022
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If You Love Me Pray For My Family – Tonto Pleads

Nigerian actress, singer, songwriter and humanitarian, Tonto Charity Dikeh, has pleaded with her followers which includes her friends and colleagues in the movie industry, not to bother sending her consolation messages or visitations following the death of her stepmother.
The actress shared this via her Instagram story on Thursday 10th February, 2022, stating that her decision was based on the fact that she has never attended any burial as a child. And therefore, she wouldn’t want to reciprocate such gesture to anyone in future.

“I have never attended a burial before. I will never attend one too. I said this when I was a child and I stick by it. My mom’s burial will/might be my first ever, to all my friends who think am shutting them out. My reason is I don’t attend burials , if I let you attend my mom’s burial , I will owe you same favour and I can’t repay that. If you love me pray for my family. If you intend to support me only pray for me. Don’t send a dime or consolation message, I don’t do so well with that!! But know I appreciate you all a lot and am grateful,” Tonto wrote.

By Nwankwo, Grace Chinasa.

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