November 30, 2022

Practical Tips On How To Raise Children In This Digital Era

  • April 19, 2022
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Practical Tips On How To Raise Children In This Digital Era

The Internet does not have rules!

Raising children requires a lot of effort, dedication and of course time. The world consists of people with dangerous thoughts against the other.

It can be challenging for parents to monitor their kids online activities without being seen as spy or overly protective. Even keeping track of how much time they spend online may seem intrusive.

Teens talking via text messages and sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp can produce invisible interactions hidden away from parents. Parents have to break through those silent barriers so they can still be engaged in their children’s lives.

It is on this note that RedExplorerng highlights the hints below on how to be close to your wards as parents or a guardian

  1. Parents have to work harder to communicate with their child about setting limits for using social media.
  2. Parent should also try to learn who their child is communicating with.
  3. Ensure that Sex education comes from you the parent. Before they hear about sex from the television, the internet, their friends, or neighbours, you should be the first to talk to them about sex and not in a casual off-handed way or a lie like “you get pregnant if a man touches you”. Explain to them in details what they should know.
  4. Be their closest friend. Make time out of your busy schedule to have conversations with them. Try to know what is on their mind.

By NWANKWO, Grace Chinasa

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