May 26, 2022
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Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want To Enjoy Your Journey This Rainy Season

  • April 29, 2022
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Mistakes You Should Avoid If You Want To Enjoy Your Journey This Rainy Season

By NWANKWO, Grace Chinasa

Traveling has always been part of education.
People enjoy traveling in different seasons – rainy and dry.

To enjoy traveling in rainy seasons, these are  mistakes to avoid:

1. Listen to Weather Forecast: Do not forget to listen to news on weather forecast in the area you are traveling to. This will help you understand the clothe to wear for the  journey.

2. Go with Umbrellas and enough cardigans:
You should not be held at any bus stop because of rain. Carry portable umbrellas that will ease your journey.

   The cold in most places vary and, as such, you may not be able  to withstand the cold in the place you are travelling to. It is good you take enough cardigans that will keep you warm.

3. Carry enough clothes:
During rainy seasons, it may rain for a whole day that one may not have the time to wash clothes for them to get dried on time. To avoid the mistake of carrying less clothes which you have to wash all the time, It is better you carry enough clothes for the journey.

4. Travel during the day:
Rain at night are quite dangerous. Driving at night, especially under the rain is  dangerous as drivers may not be able to see things, clearly.
Roads too are always messy during rainy seasons.
For your safety, you should travel during the day.

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