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Popular Street Foods In Lagos And Instagram Pages You Can Order These Foods From

  • May 6, 2022
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Popular Street Foods In Lagos And Instagram Pages You Can Order These Foods From

In Lagos, street food is something Lagosians do not joke with. Life in Lagos is incomplete without street food. During lunchtime and working hours, there is always an aroma of one of those street foods.

Street food in Lagos is a serious business and it is everywhere. It has been a lifesaver for Lagosians. While there are a lot of manufactured snacks sold to commuters, fresh-cooked street foods hold a special place in the heart of Lagosians.

It is on this note that Redexplorerng searched the streets of Lagos to find the top street foods in Lagos and Instagram pages you can order from. It would interest you to know that these street food sellers are with you in Lagos.

1) Ewa Agoyin

Ewa agoyin is simply cooked beans mashed up and served with a sauce of palm oil and dried peppers, usually very spicy. History has it that Ewa Agoyin was introduced by migrants from Togo and Benin Republic.

ewa agoyin

Ewa agoyin is usually served with agege bread, a sweet soft white bread, and hawkers usually sell the two together. This is a popular breakfast for Lagosians. After eating this meal, it automatically swallows your incoming appetite because you may likely not get hungry till evening.

To order this food, visit ewaagoyinbybisibusy (Busra Dawodu) on Instagram. This page handler will do great justice to your meal.

Busra’s ewa agoyin on Instagram

2) Suya

Suya is referred to as spiced roasted meat in sticks. The scent of the aroma of roasted meat on hot charcoal is unmistakable whenever you approach the “Mallam”, the name for the northern Nigerians who typically sell this food (“Mallam,” a term for “Mr.”). Suya is usually seasoned with hot pepper, groundnut powder mixed with spices, and diced onions.

However, new eaters should know that Spicy suya is not for the fainthearted. The pepper seasoning on it is sometimes hot enough to bring tears to your eyes and flames to your tongue. You can ask the sellers to exclude (or go light on) the pepper/chili and settle for just the onions and groundnut seasoning.

To order suya in Lagos, visit sooyah_bistro on Instagram.


3) Bole/Boli


Boli is a well-respected tummy filler in streets of Lagos. This is simply plantain, ripe or unripe, roasted over hot charcoal, and it’s usually eaten with roasted groundnuts or, in some parts of Nigeria, with vegetables and palm oil sauce. Till date, there has been a silent war between those in Rivers – Port Harcourt and Lagosian, claiming to be the founder of boli.

At the time of writing this article, Redexplorerng has not found the winner yet. But, when you visit boli_gang (Boli Gang) on Instagram, we are sure with their tempting Boli/bole, you will give a fair judgment.

4) Akara

Akara is made from blended beans, with enough pepper, onions, salt and local seasoning. Akara is usually deep-fried and eaten hot. They are usually sold on the street stuffed into soft agege bread, to form the popular Nigerian “burger.” It is also visible at every busstops in Lagos state.

When you order akara from theakara-lekki (The Akara & Grills) on Instagram, you may want to buy every other akara remaining there.

5) Roasted or Boiled Corn

This sweet vegetable becomes unavoidable whenever it is in season—that is, after the harvest of fresh corn commences. The corn can be boiled or roasted over hot coals, although the roasted variety is most popular. Roasted corn is eaten with fresh coconut or ube, a type of local pear.

6) Okpa

Okpa, indigenous to Enugu state in eastern Nigeria, is a nutritious breakfast favorite for many people, though it can be eaten at any time of day. It’s made from a special type of iron-rich nut known as Bambara that’s good for the blood and helps prevent weight gain by making people feel full for longer. okpa is steamed in banana leaves or small nylon wraps, making for a delicious portable meal. It is usually spicy, as habanero peppers are an important component. In Lagos, okpa is hawked by Iya (A Yoruba name for mothers/matured women).

For your tasty okpa, visit okpainlagos (JUST OKPA) on Instagram to enjoy their mouth-watering okpa.

7) Fried or Roasted Yam

Yam is a key food item in many Nigerian homes and, not surprisingly, appears in other forms as a street food, where it might be roasted or fried. Fried yam, known as dundu in the Yoruba language, is usually sold alongside akara, potatoes and other deep-fried street foods. A more modern version of fried yam is the yamarita, where the yam is battered (with egg and flour) before frying.

The healthier roasted yam, on the other hand, is done over hot coals and sold with delicious vegetable sauce.

Lagosians do not joke with the above street foods!

BY NWANKWO, Grace Chinasa

Source: Instagram and Google

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