July 6, 2022

Acting Is Not Just About Looking Good – Kehinde Bankole Reveals

  • May 18, 2022
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Acting Is Not Just About Looking Good – Kehinde Bankole Reveals

Nigerian Actress, Kehinde Bankole reveals what it takes to be successful in the Nigerian film industry.

The Netflix ‘Blood Sisters’ star, in an Instagram live session hosted by Kunle Afolayan, opined that it requires a level of brain work to make it big and stay relevant in the industry.

Don’t see acting as a career you can come into when all other careers are not working for you. You have been told that doctors and lawyers are more professional than actors, so you decided to start acting because you couldn’t cope in other fields,” the actress said.
Acting is not just about looking good; it involves a lot of intellectual work. You have to think on your toes, otherwise, you would become irrelevant.”

Being able to sustain relevance is the real work, being able to make it pay your bills. Stumbling on fame doesn’t happen like that for people every time, like the case of Olajumoke the bread seller. There are people whose stories are like that but it’s usually one out of every five hundred,” Bankole continued.

Bankole has received multiple accolades online for her performance in the newly released Netflix original series ‘Blood Sisters’.

The award-winning actress showed her skills in October 1, a 2014 Nigerian dark psychological thriller film written by Tunde Babalola, produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan. It stars Sadiq Daba of blessed memory, Kayode Olaiya, David Bailie, Kehinde Bankole, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Fabian Adeoye Lojede, Nick Rhys, Kunle Afolayan, Femi Adebayo, Bimbo Manuel, Ibrahim Chatta.

She indeed spoke from experience.

By NWANKWO, Grace Chinasa

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