December 4, 2022

How Much Of A Nigerian Are You?

  • May 25, 2022
  • 2 min read
How Much Of A Nigerian Are You?

How are you a Nigerian if you do not know any of these? It saddens us if you cannot relate to the following:

1. Garri

Would you say you have never drank garri? Once at least? Where do you run to when that quick hunger comes? How about those in boarding secondary schools and universities? So you will never know the enjoyment in drinking garri with cold water? Sugar? Groundnut? Milk? Fish? Coconut? You should be salivating now but we understand!

2. Pepper

It does not mean you must be Yoruba but this is a general trait amongst Nigeria. It is our culture to eat spicy food to an extent. So you do not add the popular Ghana pepper? Shombo Pepper? Tatashe? Grounded pepper? Ah! You may not be a Nigerian. Let us help you trace your root!

3. Cold water

Not too sure you have experienced Lagos, Sokoto or Abuja sun. If you have been under the scorching sun, with the anger in you, you would understand how much of a Nigerian you are. In this situation, we know what you are looking for. Cold water. Ruwa Sanyi. Mmiri ji ri oyi. Omin tu tu. We know it!

4. Trekking

You are a Nigerian and you have never trekked a long distance? No, you must have trekked. Tell us the truth please. Most times, we just want to save the transport and make our legs useful.

What other Nigerian habit did we miss? Tell us in the comment section…

By NWANKWO, Grace Chinasa

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