July 7, 2022

Best Food Blogs In Nigeria and Instagram Handles To Find Them

  • June 18, 2022
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Best Food Blogs In Nigeria and Instagram Handles To Find Them

If there is something Nigerians do not joke with, it is obviously their stomach.

We love food, we enjoy food, we love to learn various ways of cooking a particular delicacy.

Variety they say is the spice of life. The taste of your food depends solely on where you learnt from and what ingredients you combined. This is why there are many food blogs that may make or mar your food.

While there are various food blogs that could teach you about different delicacies, Red Explorer NG introduces you to two BEST food bloggers in Nigeria.

We rank these blogs as top food blogs because you could find almost all African dishes on their platforms.

We introduce you to:

  1. Food Blog 9ja

Are you eager to learn how to cook different types of food?
Both foreign and Nigerian delicacies?

Food Blog 9ja is the best Instagram page to run to. This blog does justice to every kind of food and that includes ways for preparing it.

The blog would also teach you how to prepare African continental dishes and drinks from the comfort of your home and it is very easy to comprehend.

To find this blog on Instagram, search foodblog9ja (FOOD BLOGGER IN AFRICA).

Meanwhile check out a few pictures from Foodblog9ja, below:

2. Feesa
One noticeable thing about Feesa blog is good presentation.

This blog doesn’t just show you how foods are prepared but it shows you how to neatly present it in a way that will cause an already filled stomach to call for an extra plate.

You want to learn different kinds of food? Visit Feesa page.

Just like how other blogs have their signature food, Feesa signature dish is perceived to be snacks.

The blogger doesn’t go wrong in snacks making. From snack like Shawarma, side dish pancake and all that.

To improve your baking and cooking level, visit this blog by searching Feesa (feesa_everyday) on Instagram.

Here are mouth-watering pictures from Feesa blog:

Be part of the aforementioned blogs’ family and see how your kitchen life changes tremendously for good.

Have you seen any of the aforementioned food blogs on Instagram?

Tell us what you know in the comment section

By NWANKWO, Grace Chinasa

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