The Professional Publishing Platform

Red ExplorerNG is an online platform showcasing the richness of African culture. It provides online information that is not only limited to the following categories: Culture, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Business, Sports, Books, News, and Opinions. It is a way of promoting our African culture by creating engaging content that is relevant to the local and global audience. Advertising in red explorer would also reach international individuals or businesses wishing to transact or have a business interest in Africa.

Our target cuts across audiences, from the Gen z to Gen x who are economically active, educated to secondary or tertiary level, users of modern technology and banking services, online and mobile phone services, avid consumers of leisure goods, lovers of adventure, and tourism, and frequent flyers. This includes decision-makers and entrepreneurs from a wide cross-section of industries.

The Team

Obianuju ASIKA
Managing Editor

Adedamola Fatona
Head: Sports

Grace Chinasa NWANKWO
Head: News